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Adidas Sneaker Must-Haves

If you do not own at least one of the Adidas sneakers mentioned in this article today, you are seriously missing out. Your shoe collection is screaming for an upgrade, but worry not, as you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to share three Adidas sneakers must haves that are an absolute necessity for your sneaker collection. Seriously, if you do not own at least one of these, it is time to step up and leverage your sneaker game. Lace up, and let’s begin! Adidas Campus 00s: One of the hottest sneakers on the market right now would have to be the Adidas Campus 00s. They are like nothing we have ever seen before. The sneakers in this range are crafted from luxury suede materials. Each sneaker consists of three contrasting Adidas stripes, along with thick, ropey laces. If you are a fan of vintage-inspired sneakers that have a modern twist, you will 100% love the Adidas Campus 00s. Some of the colourways include:

  • Grey Gum
  • Black, White Gum
  • Wonder White
  • Scarlet, Pink Gum
  • Light Blue

Adidas Sambas: The Adidas Samba was originally designed as a football sneaker but has evolved into something much more than that. They are now a symbol of style in the world of fashion. In true Adidas style, they feature a retro look with a modernised twist. If you are looking for casual footwear that is also good for indoor sports too, the Adidas Sambas are definitely for you. Some of the most popular colourways include:

  • Cardboard
  • Wonder White
  • White Black
  • White Green
  • Maroon Cream

Adidas Gazelles: The Adidas Gazelle is a favoured by many influential celebrities, even Harry Styles! The sporty silhouette was initially released back in the 1960s and is now recognised as a stylish streetwear icon. They feature a sleek and timeless design with the signature Adidas Three Stripes on the side. Not to mention, they are also designed with extra cushioning and support for maximum comfort. So, what is not to love? Some of the colourways include:

  • Indoor Scarlet
  • Bliss Pink Purple
  • Black, White Gum
  • Blue Bird
  • Wonder Clay

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