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Is It Better to Use Homemade or Professional Sneaker Cleaning Solutions?

Have you experienced the classic British summer, rain, mud, and gloomy weather? Are you desperately trying to find reliable cleaning methods to get your sneakers gleaming again? Well, we have created the perfect article for you! Today, we are bringing you a concise and effective guide to debating which is better, homemade cleaning or professional cleaning solutions. So, without further ado, let’s begin. Homemade or professional, there’s many pros and cons between the two. Let’stake a look at what is better to prolong the life of your beloved sneakers: Homemade Cleaning Solutions Homemade cleaning solutions are affordable, quick, and convenient. Most of the time, DIY solutions will be made from ingredients lying around in your home that you use in your everyday cleaning. From washing up liquid to white vinegar, there are lots of different ways you can create sneaker cleaning solutions that will save you some cash and time. Some issues with cleaning solutions created at home are that they can often either not work as effectively, or if not created correctly, you could create toxic product fumes. If you use something with bleach in it, you could also risk damaging the sneaker; sometimes it’s worth looking for a professional cleaning solution. This moves us onto our next point… Professional Cleaning Solutions Professional cleaning solutions are preferred by sneakerheads for many reasons. From the premium formulas to time-saving results, let’s dive deeper into this method of sneaker cleaning. Brands such as Crep Protect and Reshoevn8r are just two of Britain’s most-loved professional sneaker cleaning care kits. While their prices aren’t as low as a DIY solution, they give you that professional gleaming look without the waiting time of a service. Save time and money in the long run by investing in a decently rated kit to keep at home that is made specifically for your sneakers. We hear frequently that suede is a material that sneakerheads struggle to keep clean and pristine, these kits have everything you need for that. For more information about the latest sneaker care and new launches from the likes of New Balance, Yeezy, Nike, and more, stay tuned!

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