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How To Recreate the Perfect Parisian Street Style This Summer

With our guide today, it has never been easier to capture the true essence of the Parisian Street style. In this article, we are going to be covering the sneaker department of an outfit to make it easier to shop! After the recent Vogue Fashion Show 2024 taking place in Paris, we could not pass up the opportunity to channel our inner Parisian fashion icon. So, get ready to unleash your summer 2024 wardrobe with this helpful guide. Adidas OG Stan Smith Sneakers- There is nothing better than a fresh pair of Stan Smiths! An iconic sneaker that has been with us for many years. Some have worn them their whole lives, others are just finding out about them now, the Adidas OG Stan Smiths are known for their endless comfort and timeless style. Reebok Stucco Club C Grounds Sneakers- Reebok is a timeless brand. They consistently give us trendy sneakers that match any outfit to a T. If you are looking for something that is stylish, neutral, and comfortable, we highly recommend checking out the Reebok Stucco Club C Grounds sneakers. They are a versatile pair of sneakers that make Parisian chic easier to achieve than you initially think. Pair these with a basic tee, a beret, and straight leg jeans and you’re good to go! Nike Waffle Debut Vintage Sneakers- Now these sneakers might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are definitely a current favourite of ours. The Nike Waffle Debut Vintage Sneakers feature of course, a waffle iron textured sole and a stylish upper. Available in a variety of colours, these are another excellent contender in this type of wardrobe. Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers- Superga sneakers are another choice that are effortlessly elegant. They are even approved by some of the Royal Family! There are lots of unique styles within the Superga inventory, but we particularly adore the 2750 Cotu Classic sneakers. They are the definition of Parisian chic. They are also the most affordable sneaker option from this list. For the hottest sneaker news and updates from the likes of Yeezy, Nike, New Balance, and more, visit our website to read more exciting articles just like this one!

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