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How Does the Air Jordan 4 Fit?

The Air Jordan 4 attempted to follow the wild success of its predecessor, the Air Jordan 3. Somehow, it managed to pull this off even without a major redesign! The Air Jordan 4 kept many of the fan favourite features from the Air Jordan 3, including the soft leather upper, the mid-high cut, and the visible Air Max bubble in the heel. The Air Jordan 4 also kept the Jumpman logo on the tongue, possibly the most iconic addition to the Air Jordan 3 in the entire design!

The Air Jordan 4 also brought with it a few extra design notes that added a technological boost to this incredible sneaker. Not only was it fitted with extra air in the sole for comfort, it also came with an incredibly breathable mesh in the upper, and a brand new innovation, the wings lacing system with multitudes of eyelets for custom lacing patterns. Keeping the most popular aspects of the Air Jordan 3 whilst also bringing these incredible and inventive additions to the design resulted in the Air Jordan 4 being one of the most popular Air Jordan silhouettes of all time!

So, how do the Air Jordan 4s fit? Generally, the 4s fit true to size! This silhouette is very similar to its predecessor and so we’d be surprised if it has a dramatically different fit. However, there are one or two notes to include.

Due to its mesh windows on the upper and above the toe box, the Air Jordan 4 has a less stiff and restrictive body than the 3 did. The mesh allows for greater movement and flexibility across the sneaker. At the same time the mesh also helps prevent those awful toe creases that the all-leather toe boxes suffer from dramatically! Because of these factors, there are some – those who love a particularly snug fit – who may benefit from grabbing themselves a half size down. Due to the wings lacing system though, even if your sneakers do have a tiny bit of extra room, you can use the custom lacing to tighten the fit exactly where you need it most!

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