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Is the Reselling Culture Hurting the Sneaker Industry?

We all know the feeling all too well. A new pair of sneakers have just dropped, and you are totally obsessed with them. You find them on the website, add them to your cart, and suddenly, you are met with the defeating words ‘OUT OF STOCK.’ You search the pair of kicks up again in hopes you find them in stock. To your surprise, you find them, but for 200% more than the original price! This is known as the reselling culture. In this article today, we are going to discuss whether we think reselling culture is hurting the sneaker industry, or is it instead benefiting it? What is the Reselling Culture? First, let’s cover the basics. The reselling culture is when people buy limited-edition or highly sought-after sneakers and then sell them on for a much higher price. It is a way for sneaker enthusiasts to capitalise on the high demand for certain sneakers. Consumer Point of View: From the consumer point of view, reselling can be extremely frustrating. This is because you are likely to overspend on a simple pair of kicks. Although they come with a big price tag, these kicks also come with a huge status symbol due to their highly sought-after nature. So, if you want to be respected by fellow sneakerheads, purchasing from the reselling culture is the way to go. Company Point of View: Brands benefit massively from the reselling culture. This is because the hype built up around sneaker drops causes them to sell out immediately. The hype around sneaker drops is what keeps the industry alive and is one of the main reasons it is worth over 85 million dollars. So, when it comes down to it, reselling culture is very much needed to keep the hype alive in the industry. Although the sneakers may cost an arm and a leg, you cannot put a price tag on swag. For more blogs just like this one on brands like Nike, Air Jordan, New Balance, and Yeezy, please be sure to check out our others, where you will find a lot more.  

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