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Rumoured Sneaker Trends for 2023

When researching through the internet for rumoured 2023 sneaker trends, we were excited to know that there is some amazing designs that are up for taking the world by storm throughout next year.

From the classics to changing the world, here are some of the trends that are hot off the press for next year!


  • Sustainability

What is better than looking bang-on-trend while benefitting the environment? Whether it’s a casual day in the city, running errands, or a day in the office, these are some amazing brands that are making change for the better…

Veja- Their simplicity and versatility is perfect for inclusivity and those looking for a pair of sneakers that go with pretty much everything! The environmentally friendly sources complement the sleekness and cool design. This is why they are loved by so many.

Toms- Toms are well known for their ethos for years. Their campaigns and charity work has been recognised and celebrated since 2006. The materials they use to create their shoes are eco-friendly, vegan, and as organic as they come. The sneakers and espadrilles have been essentials in people’s wardrobes from celebrities to YouTubers.

  • Cult Classics

Cult classics are sneakers that will never go out of style no matter how much trends adjust over time; people will always go back to these shoes.

Nike Air Force 1’s have been a favourite since 1982. The timeless style and comfort is what people love about these sneakers. There is no gender restriction when it comes to the classic AF1’s because of their simple yet versatile design. These sneakers look amazing with most outfits and are available in so many different colours and patterns!

Converse are another company that have provided comfort, versatility, and coolness since 1908. They are also extremely versatile and comfortable which is why people would rather opt for these than any other trend that could fall off the scene in a few months’ time. The classic high-tops have become in demand across the globe, but the low-top style are also just as wanted by sneaker wearers.

  • Rad Retro

The retro trend has been catching everyone’s eyes lately whether it’s through music, fashion, or interior design, the sixties and seventies are back!

Some of the upcoming shoe styles are Adidas Gazelle, Adidas Samba, New Balances, and Reeboks. Samba’s have been seen on the gorgeous Kendall Jenner, Gazelle’s have been worn by the pop superstar that is Harry Styles, and the New Balances are being spotted on stylish influencers across the globe. Reeboks are making their comeback thanks to Stranger Things who are inspiring a new generation to rock the 80’s fashion era.

These are just 3 of the trends that you should expect to see these incorporated in outfits out and about! For more sneaker news and updates, then please check out our other blogs!

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