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The Five Most Expensive Air Jordans Ever Sold

Every sneakerhead knows that Air Jordans – the brand born from the 80s collaboration between Nike and world-class basketball player Michael Jordan that continues to this day – have produced some of the most iconic, timeless, and influential silhouettes and colourways in sneaker history! What some may not realise is that they’ve also released some of the most expensive shoes of all time. Between solid gold sneakers weighing in at 45kg and OG sneakers worn by Jordan himself in-game, we’ve collected the top five most expensive Air Jordan sneakers ever sold on the market, ranked by price!

  • Autographed Air Jordan Silver

The Air Jordan Silver Shoe are coveted in the sneaker world for their rarity and this had driven their price up significantly. Only ten pairs of these sneakers were ever released, making them exceptionally valuable for far more than just their sterling silver plating. The most expensive pair – autographed by Jordan himself – sold for $60,000 (£43,000)! This pair were originally given to him as a 32nd birthday present by his wife.

  • Air Jordan 10 x OVO

The Air Jordan OVO (October’s Very Own) Collection came from a collaboration with Drake the rapper, producing a range that can fetch thousands at retail! The 10 range can go for as little as a few hundred dollars, but the most expensive pair ever sold fetched $100,000 (£72,000) as they were a sample pair given only to Drake and his inner circle.

  • Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game”

Before May last year, these sneakers were the most expensive ever sold! Made famous by the 1997 game in which he led the team to victory despite a bad case of the flu. He handed his sneakers to a ball boy at the match who years later sold them at auction for $104,000 (£75,000) after listing them for an asking price of just $5000.

  • Air Jordan 1 OG 1985

In May 2020 these sneakers beat out the “Flu Game” pair as the most expensive every sold. These OG sneakers in the classic red-black colourway were worn by Jordan in a Chicago Bulls game in 1985 and are signed by Jordan himself. In the last few minutes of the auction the price soared by over $300,000 for a final sale price of $560,000 (£405,000).

  1. Solid Gold Air Jordan x OVO

The entry topping our list is a bit of a cheat, as it never really sold! The Solid Gold Air Jordans from Drake’s OVO range are quite literally that – solid gold! These sneakers weigh in at over 100 lbs (45 kg), so it seems unlikely that you’d wear them for practice! This one-of-a-kind pair has been valued at $2 million, but it’s likely they’d actually cost a lot more if Drake ever decided to sell, as this price only accounts for the cost of the gold itself.

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