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The Top 5 Most Unique Nike Dunk Collabs of All Time 

Nike is constantly blessing us with new drops and collabs from their Low Dunk range with some being more bizarre than others. Just to prove how extraordinary some of the collaborations have been, we have created a list of the top 5 most unique collab releases ever to be brought out from the Nike dunk line. Read until the end to find out what the number one spot is…  5. Nike SB Dunk Low x StrangeLove Skateboards Coming in at number 5 are the Nike SB Dunk Low StrangeLove Skateboards. This unique sneaker features a suede and velvet combination of materials throughout with an intricate heart emblem design across it. The sneakers also feature translucent soles with heart confetti intertwined with the sole material to complete the design of this trendy sneaker. This collaboration with Sean Cliver’s skate brand was released in 2020 and even to this day is still an extremely sought-after sneaker. 4. Nike SB Dunk Low x Off-White Next on the list we have the Nike SB Dunk Low collab with Off- White. Sneakerheads across the globe were stunned to see a high fashion brand collaborating with such an iconic brand. They produced a huge range of sneakers that included bold colourways, unique design elements and of course the signature Off-White branding. Some of the most notable designs from this collaboration are the “University Red” and “Pine Green “ colourways. 3. Nike SB Dunk Low x eBay Sandy Bodecker  This was definitely one of the most unexpected collabs from the Nike Dunk line. This sneaker was made as a tribute to the late Sandy Bodecker who was a Nike legend. Both Nike and eBay came together to create this one-of-a-kind sneaker. 2. Nike Dunk Low Pro SB x Tiffany & Co For all the high fashion fashionistas of the world, this sneaker was a surprise to see two iconic brands combined into one. The classy black silhouette of the sneakers with the infamous Nike swoosh in the iconic Tiffany blue colour was the perfect choice and had fans raving about them for weeks! 1. Nike SB Dunk Low x Chunky Dunky Ben & Jerry’s Taking the number one spot are the Nike SB Dunk collabs with Ben & Jerry. You will not find a sneaker more unique than these. With the colourful, whimsical design and the iconic blue and yellow Ben & Jerry’s hues, these sneakers are without a doubt the winners for us! For more information on the latest sneaker news, check out our other blogs. 

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