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Yeezy FAQs and Their Answers 

With a brand as prestigious as Yeezy, it is inevitable that you will run into many questions that can be hard to find the answers to on the internet. That is why in this blog, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions paired with their answers so hopefully, you can find everything you are looking for. Let’s step into the world of Yeezy’s FAQs… Who is the Creator of the Brand, Yeezy? Controversial figure, Kanye West, is the creator of the Yeezy brand, which was founded back in 2009. The Yeezy brand is known for its bold and unique style. Should I Size Up or Down? Although this can differ depending on the type of Yeezy sneaker it is, you should generally go half a size up as Yeezy’s run small as a whole. Some people are sure that they run smaller due to their exclusive Prime Knit material. Can You Wear Yeezy’s with Anything? There are no rules which say what you can and cannot wear with sneakers. It is completely free range, meaning you can style them as you wish. One of the amazing things about Yeezy sneakers is that they are versatile and can be paired with just about any outfit. What Makes Yeezy’s So Expensive? Yeezy sneakers are usually released in limited quantities. Because of this, the demand for them increases, but the quantity numbers stay the same, which then causes price increases as they are more sought after.  Do Yeezy’s Come in Kid Sizes? The simple answer is yes! Children and Junior sizes were first launched back in 2013 and have been a hit amongst parents and their children ever since. Is Yeezy an Adidas Brand? Although Yeezy and Adidas are often affiliated together, Yeezy is not owned by Adidas, and they are two completely separate brands. Adidas and Yeezy apparel and sneakers are a collaboration between the two. What is the Yeezy Brand Actually Worth? A news article released that the existing Yeezy products are said to be worth $1.3 billion! Hopefully, thanks to this blog all your Yeezy questions and queries have been answered. For more blogs just like this one on the latest sneaker brands such as Yeezy, Air Jordan, Adidas, and New Balance, please be sure to check out our other blog posts.  

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