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A Sneak Preview at The New Armoured Nike Air Max Plus

Nike have been thrilling sneakerheads around the world with their Air Max line for over four decades! Since the initial release of the original Nike Air Max 1 in 1987, named for its use of “Max Air Technology”, Nike has released a dozen different silhouettes and countless colourways between them. Nike’s Max Air Technology refers to the usage of small air pockets or airbags in the sneakers to provide superior comfort and reduce the weight when compared to traditional foam or rubber.

Now Nike has done it once again with an instantly timeless colourway for the Nike Air Max Pro, complete with a fine metal mesh covering the entire upper, providing an armoured outer shell and creating a gorgeous texture, highlighted by embossed glossy black rubber lines curved across the body. The texture of the mesh could have become too plain when splashed across the entire sneaker but with these lines to periodically break up the pattern, the design comes together beautifully.

The silver mesh exoskeleton itself adds a perfect clash of contrast to the all-black body underneath and the rugged all-black rubber outer and mid-soles blends a mixture of glossy and matte black to provide a varied reflectivity which replaces the need for a two-toned colourway. The iconic Air Max airbags can be seen through clear windows across the midsole, two toward the toe and two around the heel. The inner supports for the airbags are a deep red, adding the tiny splash of colour this sneaker needed!

You can find another few splashes of colour with Nike’s famous Swoosh logo, found on the side, which is in a bright victory red. The same bright red can be found in the logos emblazoned across the tongue and inner soles, as well as in detailing found on the inner-side heel outsole. Finally, the toe cap features an overlap design where the embossed lined circle one another but do not meet. In the middle, grey staple-like lines provide a neat central focal point for the overall design.

This brand-new colourway is being prepped for release in the Fall line and we will undoubtedly see release dates and price points coming from Nike shortly! Until then, keep checking back here for all the latest sneaker news!

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