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Be Sure to Stand Out With the Air Force 1 Low Volt x Off-White Collab

It’s safe to say that some sneakers demand attention and one off-white collab that springs to mind certainly isn’t for the street-shy – the Air Force 1 Low Volt x Off-White to be exact. Released all the way back in December 2018, this colourway took a step back from the established premise of Virgil Abloh’s playbook and took everyone by surprise. In fact, the Air Force 1 Low Volt is about as in-your-face as one can get so be prepared to turn a few heads if you’re thinking about copping this one on the resale market!

The design reworks the iconic Air Force 1 Low model and makes use of a yellow neon hue throughout the entire upper that comes straight from Nike’s signature colour palettes. This was a new change for Virgil which cemented the colourways reputation as one of the most colourful and dazzling Off-White designs at the time.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to argue that the Air Force 1 Low Volt x Off-White doesn’t manage to capture the signature aesthetic that we’ve come to expect from Abloh. If the synthetic ripstop canvas upper doesn’t reinforce this premise then the raised seams of each panel certainly will do. As a colourway for exhibitions and those who want to be the centre of attention, it is safe to say that this Air Force 1 is difficult to ignore.

Despite its lack of subtlety, the Air Force 1 Low Volt x Off-White collaboration has been a crowd pleaser since day one, and the competition was certainly fierce on release day. Four years later, any sneakerhead looking to add these highly sought-after kicks to their rotation will need to browse the resale market to stand any chance as they’re incredibly rare – and this only increases their value!

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