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Essential Sneaks You Need for Spring 2022

With Spring rapidly approaching in just a few weeks’ time, people across Britain are going to want to make sure they are well prepared to adapt to the change in weather conditions! Not known for our ability to face up to even moderate temperatures, the British are well practiced at complaining about the weather! But Spring is on its way and there’s no stopping it, and what better way to prep for the warmer weather than with a brand-new pair of sneakers?

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be unboxing their fresh new kicks when the weather outside is torrential rain, ice, or snow! For a dedicated sneakerhead there is nothing worse than wearing them out for the first time when the weather is bad. So, if you have waited till the springtime to grab yourself a lovely new pair of shoes, then you have come to the right place!

Yeezy 350

This one may be met by a few frowning faces; I know it’s not everyone’s favourite. But hear me out, this is the perfect Spring shoe and not only that also perfect for the summer! They are great as there are so many different colourways you can get and even though they get some hate. They go great with many different outfits. So, if you are looking for a slightly pricey sneaker and want to stand out in the Spring, this could be the one for you.

New Balance 550

Another fairly expensive trainer, the New Balance 550 is a beautiful sneaker that, just like the Yeezy 350, comes in all types of colourways. This shoe is perfect for any type of weather, if you are brave enough to wear it and risk them getting dirty, but we know we wouldn’t! They bring the same feel as the extremely hyped Air Jordan 1 or Nike Dunks and there is a similar iconic feel about both the trainers. These are a great choice if you want to be a bit different.

Reebok Classic Leather Legacy

Another beautifully designed shoe, for those that are going for a more sophisticated look in their outfits for the summer these will work perfectly. Again, coming in many different colourways so you can choose based on your style and preference these are a great choice for the Spring!

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