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How Does The Air Jordan 10 Fit?

The Air Jordan 10, sometimes stylised as the Air Jordan X in line with the Jordan brand’s habit of adopting Roman numerals, was released during a tumultuous time during Michael Jordan’s career! With MJ having just retired from the NBA and began his new focus on baseball, the world was adjusting to a new reality, that Air Jordans would cease being produced. But the 10 changed all that!

The Air Jordan 10 was the first Air Jordan that Michael himself never signed off on! He engaged in some early talks with designer Tinker Hatfield but no designs had been approved or set in stone. When the 10 was first released most colourways included a toe strap, but MJ preferred a clean toe, leading to a newer version which lost the strap.

But the most incredible aspect of this design came as a labour of love from Nike and Hatfield, who wanted to show Jordan how much they appreciated his achievements and career highlights. On the sole of every Air Jordan 10 is a list of every major Michael Jordan milestone in the NBA from 1985 to 1994. These are listed in coloured bands on each sole:

  • 85 Rookie of the Year
  • 86 63 Points
  • 87 Scoring Title
  • 88 Dunk Champ
  • 89 All Defense
  • 90 Scores 63 Points
  • 91 MVP/Championship
  • 92 MVP/Championship
  • 93 MVP/Championship
  • 94 Beyond

When Michael Jordan returned to the NBA following his famous “I’m Back” press release, he did don a pair of Air Jordan 10s, custom made with his brand-new number, 45.

So, how does the Air Jordan 10 fit? This iconic sneaker will fit true to size, but on the snug side. The elasticated bungee strips which help keep the laces taut limits the room in the front of the sneaker a little bit. In addition to this, the all-leather body comes with almost no ventilation so the fit can be a touch restrictive at true to size for some people!

 The Air Jordan 10 will most likely fit true to size, and this is definitely the best option if you prefer a snug fit with little room to move around inside. For those with slightly wider feet or whom prefer a looser fit, opt for half a size up! Make sure to check out Laced who offer an amazing selection of sneakers.

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