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How Does The Air Jordan 12 Fit?

The Air Jordan 12 was released on the back of the iconic Air Jordan 11, Michael Jordans’ all-time favourite silhouette and one of the most hyped designs since the Air Jordan 1 and 3 were released! Because of this, designer Tinker Hatfield wanted to repeat this success and opted for another boldly simple design with a high-contrast black and white colourway as its most classic aesthetic.

Hatfield has always been a fan of taking inspiration from random places. It is said that one inspiration for the Air Jordan 11 came from a yellow lawn mover he saw somebody moving their lawns with! The Air Jordan 12 is no different, taking inspiration directly from the Japanese flag design known as Nisshoki, featuring the classic Japanese rising sun. This inspiration is quite visible from the design, which displays a stitching spreading out across the upper which channel the sun’s rays from the rising sun design. At the same time the midsole is shaped in a wave reminiscent of a landscape, with a hilly range visible below a sky. In the right colourway, this silhouette would display a picturesque scene of a sunrise ascending over distant mountains.

This sneaker is also the where the infamous “flu game” colourway so its name, as MJ dominated in a game while he was incredibly sick with the flu, all while wearing a classic Black Red colourway of the Air Jordan 12s, which would go on to be named the “Flu Game” colourway. It later turned out in an interview with Jordan that it wasn’t actually flu he was suffering from, but food poisoning from a questionable meal the night before!

So, what’s the fit of the Air Jordan 12 like? For most this Japanese-inspired sneaker can fit true to size, but are known for being a little roomy. Because of this, if you have a wider foot you’ll likely be fine with a true size fit. However, for those with a narrower foot or who prefer a snug fit, definitely opt for half a size down in your favourite Air Jordan 12 colourways! Make sure to check out Laced who offer an amazing selection of sneakers.

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