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Our Best Seling Air Jordans for Women: The Air Jordan 1 Mid Light Smoke Grey

The sneaker world has long been a male-dominated industry. Several studies have been conducted into this in recent years, with some finding that sneakerheads are made up of 97.6% men to just 2.4% women. The same study found that the retail market was dominated by 65% men’s sizes, and for the resale market that figure skyrockets to a staggering 98.4%. Other studies have found similarly dire statistics. But this trend seems to be rectifying itself as more and more women become enthralled in the world of sneaker collecting. So much so that several of our bestselling sneaks are now women’s models, something that was not possible just a few years ago! So today we’ll be looking at this month’s absolute top seller: the Air Jordan Mid Light Smoke Grey Womens.

The Air Jordan 1 Light Smoke Grey is reminiscent of previous white/grey colourways, like the Air Jordan 1 Light Bone, alongside darker releases like the Air Jordan 1 Shadow. The high contrast nature of this colourway is belied by the subtle and gentle grey hue used to tone the toe guard, eyelets, upper collar, tongue, and heel, in classic Air Jordan 1 fashion.

Displaying the purest white backdrop in between the smoky grey, this isn’t a sneaker you want to get dirty. But despite the additional effort, keeping this pair clean is absolutely worth it! The delicate interaction between the white and light grey is accentuated by the addition of the dark base provided by the black outsole, alongside the black Air Jordan Wings logo on the white collar and the bold, thick black Nike Swoosh adorning the side. The last detail to enhance the contrast, and to add the final touches to this incredible colourway, is the iconic Michael Jordan Jumpman logo, printed in deep black atop the gentle grey.

The mid-size allows for the perfect balance between low sneaker and high-top boot, and this colourway delivers a gorgeous but subtle monochromatic theme with all the iconic design notes we expect from any Air Jordan colourway! To snag yourself a pair of Air Jordan1 Mid Light Smoke Grey Womens head over to the Laced resale market today.

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