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Our Thoughts on the Real VS. Fake Sneakers Debate

Buying counterfeit goods has been a taboo topic for years, from buying fake designer handbags from markets to buying sneakers on Saramart. What has been branded as controversial has now become a popular way to save money for young people.

Along with the low quality, you can also run the risk of buying an item that comes with obvious mistakes such as misspelling the brand name, or the logo isn’t identical. Not just this, if you’re buying obvious counterfeit goods online, you are risking being scammed or having your good confiscated in the customs office.

When buying fake designer goods online, there are now many websites and apps that sell extremely convincing apparel, sneakers, and accessories. The top two apps for this are called AliExpress and Saramart.

With these marketplaces becoming viral through TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms, everyone wants to give it a go and see what the hype is. Some of the genuine reasons why people have chosen the counterfeit road to the actual high-end options, are:

  • Way more affordable.
  • Gives people a chance to join in on the luxury look.
  • They buy something out of curiosity to compare it to the real thing.
  • Way to join in on limited edition/high demand launches.

While we understand why people choose this option, we believe that investing in a good pair of sneakers will do you good for many more years to come than a pair of low-quality sneakers. Investing in an authentic pair of sneakers, jewellery, apparel, and so on will also add a timeless piece to your wardrobe. It’s also something you can be proud of yourself for buying, especially if you have worked and saved for that item, for example, a limited-edition pair of Jordans that will be hard to find.

Whether it goes in or out of fashion, the fashion community has now become much more fluid and expressing yourself in the way you want is so much more popular than keep purchasing the latest sneakers.

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