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The Best White Sneakers

  White sneakers, you can’t go wrong with a classic pair to complement your outfit. There are so many different styles and brands to choose from and it often leaves you wondering which ones to choose. That’s why in this blog we have rounded up our top picks to give you a clearer decision to make! Let’s jump right in…

Nike Air Force 1

The Nike classics. The Air Force 1. They are a staple in the majority of people’s footwear collections. They are sold in many different colour varieties which makes them perfect for any wardrobe, however, the white AF1s are what we are discussing today. The crisp clean white variation is among the most popular sneakers of today. These are an affordable pair of sneakers that you will definitely get your money’s worth. 

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers

Another classic pair that is a must-have in anyone’s collection is the 2750 Cotu Classics by Superga. As seen by many celebrities and even members of the Royal Family, this style of sneaker is perfect for those looking for a staple sneaker for work or your lifestyle. They are an extremely versatile style that will go great with casual or dressy outfits. 

Adidas Originals Stan Smith

One of the original styles of sneaker is, of course, the Stan Smiths. Available from young children’s sizes all through to adults. Originally created for high-performance quality on the tennis court, 50 years later the Stan Smith sneakers have become one of the most iconic pairs of white sneakers. They are functional and stylish and are another highly versatile style of sneaker.

Reebok Classic Leather Sneakers

A retro style that has made a comeback within the last 5 years or so, the Classic Reebok put comfort first. Designed with simplicity and durability in mind, there is a major reason why these sneakers will never go out of style. The chunky sneakers will always fluctuate in “trendiness” and this is due to the look, comfort, durability, and that little boost in height is always a bonus.    These are 4 of our favourite styles of white sneakers, but there are thousands of others out there to choose from. For more information on the latest sneaker news, make sure to check out our website where you can discover your next sneaker purchase!  

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