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Switching up the Market: The New Alternative to Air Jordan Mids

You could be forgiven for believing that after thirty-five years as one of the most influential sneaker brands on the market, Nike’s Air Jordan brand might have run out of ideas. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however, as Nike proved earlier this year by releasing their latest innovation onto the market! Heavily surrounded in rumour since last year, the Jordan brand has finally released the brand-new Air Jordan 1 Switch.

Can’t decide between a High or Low silhouette, and don’t want to compromise with an Air Jordan Mid? The Switch has you covered! These stunning sneakers allow you to switch between the high and low style of your Air Jordans, giving you complete flexibility and customisation freedom. The Switch achieves this with a strong zipper that runs neatly around the entire collar, providing a secure attachment when closed and a quick release for on the go!

Remarkably, the invention of the Air Jordan Switch seems to have been spurred by the suggestions and feedback of sneakerheads on social media, after the idea was first proposed by custom makers online. The Jordan brand took this concept and ran with it, producing some of their most visually striking, unique, and adaptable shoes to date!

What’s more interesting is the bold way these Air Jordans display their switch feature. These zippers aren’t designed to blend in with the colourway, in fact the opposite! Even the most muted initial design features tones of grey, brown, and white, with a crisp cerulean highlight running the length of the sole, the laces, and around the entire zipper.

Since this first glance we are now seeing new colourways with even more spectacular combinations. Like the Switch Peach, displaying dramatic contrast with its coral tones outlined in neon yellow and embossed with a deep black swoosh. Most recently, the brand has announced the release of the Switch Purple Pulse, decorated with soothing lavender hues on a pale blue-grey body and contrasted with pastel yellow zippers. The Purple Pulse colourway frames a bold black Nike swoosh with a delicate mini swoosh embroidered on the outer toe, showing that attention to detail has not been sacrificed for these shoes!

With all of this form and function while still sporting the classic Air Jordan logo and the guarantee of fine quality that comes with the brand, sneakerheads have everything to gain by switching over to a Switch! The best place to source your new pair of sneakers is the Laced resale market.

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