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Taking a Closer Look At The Billie Eilish Collab Sneakers

Billie Eilish has become an international superstar since her Soundcloud debut in 2016 and, alongside her hit songs and industry defining music videos, she has shown a particular affinity for fashion. Keeping up with Eilish’s style may give you whiplash, but she definitely knows how to make a statement! Billie has made it clear that her style reflects who she is and at what point of her life she’s at.

Going from the neon green and black hair era with her (self-described) ‘weird’ wardrobe choices to the classic, timeless vintage gown she donned at the 2021 Met Gala just shows how versatile her style is. She is a great advocate for dressing for yourself and recommends fans wear what makes them happy, comfortable, and feeling good, even if that means swapping to completely different aesthetics regularly.

This can be seen in her new collaboration with Nike, releasing not one but two 100% vegan Air Jordan sneaker pairs for two of her personal favourite silhouettes. The pairs are vastly different to one another, each donning one of Eilish’s classic colours. Eilish’s chosen silhouettes are the iconic Air Jordan 1 and the more controversial Air Jordan 15s.

The silhouette we’ll be going in detail about in this blog is the Nike Air Jordan KO 1s. This is a timeless high-top sneaker, which has made a huge impression on the history of sneaker culture since its debut decades ago and is one of Billie’s personal favourites! Eilish explains she loves the KO 1s because they provide “the best shape [that goes] with everything” and because she “loves the way they make your legs look.” Now she is looking to add her own idiosyncratic branding to this already iconic silhouette.

The shoes feature a complete monochrome approach, opting for no detailing or decoration beyond her signature colour. This is a statement piece, and the ‘ghost green’ monochromatic look is a clear throwback to her ‘Bad Guy’ era. On the shoe’s tongue you will find her own unique crooked man ‘Blohsh’ logo and on the inside of the shoe her name is incorporated into the classic Air Jordan’s dunk logo. You’ll find the standard Nike swoosh along the side and the AJKO Wings logo in place on the collar. But not a second colour in sight!

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