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The Best Triple Black Look: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Cinder”

Blackout looks are hugely popular trainer choices and every sneaker head is bound to have at least one in their collection. Pretty much every silhouette has had an all black colourway at some point, some are better than others, but there is one that stands out above all the rest.

Yeezy Boost 350 colourways are well known for having earthy, muted colourways, a few bright neon designs, and some pastel tones, but it is the “cinder” colourway, one of Yeezy’s few triple black colourways that takes the crown amongst dark colourways.

At a distance it’s a black Yeezy. The closer you get, the more detail that is revealed, including the fact that it isn’t even a true black colourway. The shoe is made up of three separate colour choices. The main body of the shoe is actually a more charcoal brown colourway containing a black side stripe. All of this sits on top of the now iconic ribbed midsole that is coloured in black with a popping tan coloured outsole that flicks up the heel for a flash of colour.

A lot of Yeezy’s design power comes from the absence of bold branding which you are likely to find on most other big sneaker releases. The likes of Nike’s AJ lines and Off-White collections involve a lot of ostentatious branding choices as their main source of appeal. With Yeezy, fans get an almost back to basic design combined with futuristic applications and a good focus on comfortability on top of style to make a shoe that competes with the best of them: it helps that Kanye West’s name is behind the designs too.

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