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‘The Simpsons’ x Vans Collection

The Simpsons isn’t just the longest running scripted television series in history – well it is – but it is also an essential part of popular culture. The cartoon family are so deeply embedded in culture that they are not just recognisable in the USA, you will find them in some form or another in nearly every country on the planet.

To celebrate everyone’s favourite dysfunctional yet loveable family, Vans are including The Simpsons in their brand new collection, releasing in 2020. This isn’t the first time the iconic skate brand has used The Simpsons, in 2007 they were the focal point of a collection of footwear alongside artist Kaws.

The new collection will include footwear, clothing and accessories honouring Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, but diehard fans will also be happy to hear that more obscure fan favourites, like Lenny & Carl and Patty & Selma will also be receiving some appearances.

Amongst the collection is a Sk8-Hi featuring a family portrait along the side; one shoe includes the contemporary Matt Groening artwork whilst the other features the more old-school style from a Simpsons’ short.

There is a slip on including a collage of a large portion of the characters form the show; a purple high top Sk8-Hi featuring the ‘Lisa Simpson for President’ badge logo and a Moe’s Tavern inspired pair including Lenny & Carl.

El Barto makes an appearance on one pair, as does Mr Plow with a furry material feature around the ankle. Another collage aesthetic features an Itchy & Scratchy design whilst a Bouvier sisters’ design includes the quirky addition of fluffy material to represent the hair of the three sisters and added leg hair features for Marge’s gravel voiced siblings.

Homer’s favourite sprinkled donut inspired sliders complete the footwear part of the collection from Vans.

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