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How Do Air Jordan 7s Fit?

The Air Jordan 7 was a relatively short-lived release in its time, which saw more attention later with the release of retros and rereleased OG colourways, but that doesn’t mean it was any less of a sneakerhead favourite and it now enjoys a bunch of different colourways that have been released over the years.

The Air Jordan 7 took heavy inspiration from its predecessor. If not for a few significant design changes, the Air Jordan 7 could almost have been considered an Air Jordan 6 v2. Amongst its retained features are the angular but wide-footed design, the over ample perforation across the body for ventilation, and the stylised shaping of the midsole, being slightly reminiscent of the iconic shark teeth midsoles on the Air Jordan 5. The Air Jordan 7 also kept the reinforced toe from the 6 but removed the rubber tongue pull and heel tab for ease slipping on.

But Hatfield’s design for the Air Jordan 7 didn’t just rehash his ideas from the 6s. The Air Jordan 7s were the first to do away with the visible air bubble in the heel, a tradition that had been going strong since the industry defining Air Jordan 3s. The 7s also brought in an inner padding system around the collar which is attached to the heel tab, allowing the padding to be pulled up to fit firmly around the ankle.

So do the Air Jordan 7s fit true to size, or should you opt for a size up/down? Well, unsurprisingly, the Air Jordan 7s promise a similar fit to their predecessors, the 6s. These sneakers, due to their relatively rigid bodies and slight lack of padding, can run half a size large, so we’d recommend grabbing yourself a pair in half a size smaller than your true size! The sock collar padding system does allow for extra padding around your ankle, but this does not extend to the rest of the foot!

Unless you’re used to a quite roomy fit or have particularly wide feet, we’d definitely recommend taking half a size small for the Air Jordan 7s. Make sure to check out Laced, who offer an amazing selection.

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