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How Do Air Jordan 8s Fit?

The Air Jordan 8 could not have been release in a more iconic time in Michael Jordan’s career! Being the third Air Jordan to be released for a championship winning season for Jordan’s team, the Chicago Bulls, the Air Jordan 8 came during the iconic ‘threepeat’ season! MJ achieved what was thought impossible after taking the Bulls from never achieving an NBA championship win to three consecutive victories in ‘91, ‘92, and ‘93. Leading the Bulls to their third consecutive championship title, Jordan also earned himself his seventh consecutive scoring title and hit the milestone of 20,000 points across his NBA career. The Air Jordan 8s were therefore the sneakers on Jordan’s feet as he took the Bulls to unimaginable heights and peaked in his personal career before his famous first retirement.

The Air Jordan 8 was also a momentous design for another reason. This was the first silhouette that completely lacked a Nike swoosh or text logo! After Nike initially laughed off the suggestion, they eventually went with Tinker Hatfield’s wishes and allowed him to create a design with no Nike branding. Hatfield believed the Jordan brand was big enough to go it alone as that point, and he was right!

Unfortunately, the Air Jordan 8 has been observed as being noticeably less comfortable than most other Jordans pairs. The addition of a polycarbonate torsion plate to aid in support and bounce was an incredible technological innovation but did not aid the comfort of the silhouette. Combine with the ‘bunny ears’ side straps which made the fit too tight for people with wider feet and the Air Jordan 8 is likely the least comfortable Air Jordan silhouette on the market.

The Air Jordan 8 can fit true to size, but your safer bet is to take half a size up, especially if you have wider feet than average. The toe box and body of this sneaker is unforgivingly rigid, and the side straps give the silhouette a narrower fit than it would has had with purely laces. If you have fairly slim feet or you know you enjoy a restrictive fit, you can get away with true to size. For all else, grab half a size up! Make sure to check out Laced, who have an amazing selection!

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