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How Do Yeezys Fit? (2021) Continued

Yeezy 700

The Yeezy 700 took inspiration from the 500 and ran with it. Still conforming to the chunky dad sneaker aesthetic, the Yeezy 700 has four versions, each with a slightly different fit than the last! The fan consensus is that Yeezy 700s are well fitted out with comfortable and soft padding so, if you don’t mind a snug fit, you could go true to size if you wanted to without many issues. The 700 does have a narrow toe box and some colourways come with additional padding and elastic that can restrict around the foot just a touch more, so if you think you might like a bit of extra space, opt for half a size up like the 350s. The OG colourway – the Waverunner – is more likely to fit true to size than later colourways like the Mauve, which feature the extra padding.

Yeezy 700 V2

The 700 V2 – technically the 3rd version due to the extra padding in the later V1s – has removed most of the additional padding and provided a roomier sneaker. The upper is now constructed from Primeknit, Adidas’ patented single continuous woven piece to reduce the number of stitched together parts, which makes it more flexible above the foot, and it has more give than the upper of the V1. This definitely creates a truer to size fit, and the OrthoLite insole and cloth underlining do not bulk out the inside, meaning the 700 V2 is one of the free Yeezys that are true size!

Yeezy 700 V3

The Yeezy 700 V3 delivered an iconic upgrade on the already wildly popular sneaker, and brought with it some of the most striking and colourful colourways we’ve ever had from Ye and his team! The V3s feature a rubberised design which spans around the entire upper, making it also one of the most constrictive silhouettes to his to Yeezy market too! This is the only Yeezy sneaker we’d recommend buying in a full size up!

Yeezy 700 MNVN

The Yeezy 700 MNVN (Minivan) is a special edition with an iconic and instantly recognisable backwards 700 branding across the upper. It’s also fully waterproof and even comes with glow in the dark designs on some colourways! The MNVN comes with a similar shape to the V3 and can be tight and restrictive on the foot. Half a size up is most likely your best bet with 700 MNVNs, perhaps even push to a full size if you enjoy a roomier fit!

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