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How Does The Air Jordan 1 Fit?

The Air Jordan brand are almost solely responsible for the launch of modern sneaker culture and since the 80s have released countless silhouettes and colourways, most gaining an instant sneakerhead following. They’ve also engaged in plenty of collaborations with designers, celebrities, and other brands to release special editions and unique crossover pairs. But Air Jordan sneakers aren’t cheap, and you need to ensure you’re receiving a perfect fit for your money, especially if you’re ordering online! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be breaking down every pair of Air Jordans on the market to bring you the ultimate Air Jordans size guide!

Today we launch this blog series with a look at the OG of OGs, the oldest and original Air Jordan on the market, the Air Jordan 1. This iconic silhouette has defined an era of sneaker culture and has seen endless colourways released over nearly four decades!

So how does the Air Jordan 1 fit? In short: they fit true to size! Like you’d expect from the sneakers that kick started the entire industry, the Air Jordan 1s are a snug, comfortable fit with the perfect amount of room in the rounded toe box. This is true whether it’s Air Jordan mids, highs, or lows! The leather exterior is quite sturdy but does have some give allowing for slight wear, so they will get a little roomier as you wear them in!

As it’s nearly 40 years old, the Air Jordan 1 has had an unbelievable number of colourways and editions released, but we haven’t found one that doesn’t conform to its true fit! This means that every single Air Jordan 1 pair should fit true to size no matter which colourway or edition you choose. But, if you do want to opt for a looser fit or wish to try to avoid that universally hated toe box crease, you could opt for a half size larger than you need without it becoming too loose-fitting on your foot!

So if you’re looking to source yourself a new pair of Air Jordan 1s, you can definitely order your regular size for a perfect fit!

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