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How Does The Air Jordan 2 Fit?

The Air Jordan 2 followed such an iconic launch that it was, in comparison to the Air Jordan 1, a flop. But that certainly didn’t make it unprofitable! The Air Jordan 2 was still a hugely popular sneaker in its own right, but after the frenzy storm caused by the release of the OG Air Jordan 1, it was a disappointing launch for Adidas and Air Jordan brand.

Making its debut in ’87, the Air Jordan 2s were launched following the controversy surrounding Michael Jordan donning his colourful sneakers on court, and so took on a more muted colourway with an all-white upper, returning slightly to the traditional white sneakers used on court before Jordan launched an entire industry by breaking the rules!

But what does the Air Jordan 2 fit like? Well, not unlike its predecessor, the Air Jordan 2 fits true to size! They are also known for being incredible comfortable and padded beautifully to create a snug fit without being too tight!

However, unlike the Air Jordan 1, we would not usually recommend going half a size larger for the Air Jordans 2, as its construction allows for more give and flexibility, meaning it will expand slightly more than the Air Jordan 1 would with regular wearing. The Air Jordan 2 also ends with a narrower toe box than the 1 does, with it coming to more of a point than the Air Jordan 1’s classic rounded tips.

So, for the Air Jordan 2 highs and mids, we’d recommend going true to size for this iconic sneaker! This is true for all the colourways available but could be a different story for the ’87 OG Italian silhouettes, if you were lucky enough to snag yourself a pair! The fit on the Air Jordan 2 is near-perfect and the comfort you find in this sneaker is second to none. But, if you have quite a narrow foot, prefer an air tight fit, or are going for Air Jordan 2 highs and want a uniform fit across the entire shoe, you could stand to drop down half a size for a snug and comfy sneaker!

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