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Three Brand-New Colourways for the Nike Dunk Low

If you were just thinking that all you need is a few more colourways for the Nike Dunk Low silhouette on the market, Nike has been reading your mind! The Nike Dunk range were first released in the 80s in partnership with multiple high-profile colleges and universities in the United States. After becoming the favoured go-to for skaters around the world, this iconic silhouette established itself as an industry favourite. Recent re-releases of classic colourways and new additions to the roster have revitalised the interest in the Nike Dunk Lows, and they’re taken notice!

Nike certainly aren’t messing around! Nike are releasing three brand-new colourways for the Nike Dunk Low, each with a unique appeal. Let’s take a closer look:

Nike Dunk Low GS “White Pink Red”

The upcoming “White Pink Red” colourway is bringing Valentine’s Day to August with its soothing collection of red and pink tones. This colourway – available only in the GS (grade school) size for kids – features a white base with white toe cap and midsoles, framed with pale pastel pink and decorated with a bold, deep scarlet swoosh. The colour scheme feels light and delicate, and the classic toe cap ventilation holes add a slightly retro touch! Perfect for some late-summer romance.

Nike Dunk Low “NY vs NY”

After a sadly game-less summer last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns, Nike’s pro-am NY summer league is back! Nike are celebrating the return with the new “NY vs NY” colourway, featuring a crisp white frame around the military green backdrop. The famous Nike Swoosh is emblazoned in bright orange – potentially inspired by the NY state flag – with a gradient from redder at the front to more yellow near the heel. The NY vs NY logo can be found embroidered neatly underneath.

Nike Dunk Low “Georgetown”

Nike are returning the Dunk to its university roots with this instant classic! The “Georgetown” colourway is named such as it takes its theme from the Georgetown University colours. The light grey and deep navy blue of the college’s uniform provides a contrast so dramatic, you’d almost be forgiven for thinking these sneakers were pure black and white. This colourway has been seen earlier this year on the Air Jordan 3 “Georgetown” pair. Now available in another classic Nike range, the Georgetown will be hitting stores September 2nd.

If you can’t wait to grab yourself an immaculate pair of one of these brand-new colourways, you don’t have long to wait! All three will be available within just a few days. The easiest place to grab your next pair of sneakers is the Laced website

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