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Nike Air Max 95 Greedy 2.0 White Black

When the original Greedy colourway for the Nike Air Max 95 landed in 2015, the shoe mixed things up with a bold colourway atop a grey base that took the brave decision to opt for two separate colour schemes across both feet.

Sometimes this look works, and sometimes it doesn’t. In 2020, the Air max 95 was a cult figure that had its ups and downs in popularity. It went through a few years of simple blackout colourways and little else. But these days we are being treated to more colourful looks for the 95 and they definitely suit the unique style.

To add to the colourful collection is the new Nike Air Max 95 Greedy 2.0, a brand new harlequin colourway that combines classic looks from the past and amalgamates them into one brand new look.

The Greedy 2.0 is built up of a unique blend of synthetics, suedes, leather and mesh; recreating the look we all know – that athletic and rounded trainer. The Swoosh branding is minimal and appears at the back of the foot around the heel.

At the front of the shoe the toe is given the rounded toe box with the futuristic lacing system.

The base of the shoe is black, grey and white but it is the pops of blue, red, green and turquoise that helps elevate the shoe and create an eye catching colour scheme that fans are really going to go wild for.

The midsole contains numerous air bubble units for that unparalleled cushioning and support that comes with an Air Max-named product. The outsole is whited out for a super clean overall look that is predominantly white but works in black, grey and colour elements well for a perfect balance.

These new looks trainers are set to drop towards the end of May and will be available from the Nike site or the SNKRS app.    

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