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Nike’s biggest ever release? The Nike Air Jordan 1 x Dior

When Nike and Dior’s Air Jordan 1 design dropped on July 1st, even the £1,800.00 price tag for the High and £1,600.00 for the Low, didn’t stop more than five million people from registering for chance to cop a pair.

Why were so many people eager to try and land a pair of trainers that cost over one thousand pound? We know how big the trainer market has become. Each new release of must have trainers are quick to sell out, but very few of these find their way onto the feet of those that buy them. Instead they find their way online, to sites like Stock X and Laced, where people are able to sell on the unique looks for much more than they bought them for.

£1,800.00 might seem a ridiculous price for over five million people to want to try and get a hold of. But when you look at that same pair is now listed for an average of £12,000 on trainer resale sites online, you can see the appeal; the lure of making quick money on a pair of trainers is strong.

13,000 pairs of the unique Nike Air Jordan 1 x Dior trainers, designed by AJ1 super fan Kim Jones, were produced but just 8,000 were made available to the public. The other 5,000 were offered to Dior’s top clients exclusively, via personal invitation: The industry of the trainer elitism is definitely in full swing on this release.

A dedicated website set up for registration on June 25 was shut down within a few hours by the sheer amount of fans attempting to put their name in the hat for a chance to land a pair.

Head over to Laced’s online trainers platform now to find your sizes on the resale market.

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