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Vans checkerboard receives a reinvention

The Van’s checkerboard style slip-ons are some of the most recognisable trainers on the planet. From the world of skateboarding to street fashion and across a number of different musically inspired trends like grunge, emo and alt-rock, the Van’s checkerboard has cemented its place in pop culture so deep that you don’t have to be a sneaker fan to be able to recognise them.

For perhaps the first time ever, Vans are taking their iconic checkerboard style and reinventing it to create some unique looks for their brand new collection. The checkerboard look has been redesigned plenty of times before, from the in-house teams at Vans reworking the look to surprise collaborations with musicians and other designers trying to put their own twist on the classic, now we have a new warped look to add to the slip-ons and Authentics collections.

For the new collection Vans have taken the recognisable checkerboard aesthetic and given it a psychedelic makeover that changes the size shape and direction of the checkerboard look. These new looks add extra dimensions and variety by separating the front and back of the shoe with unique designs that create a mix-and-match look.

The forefront of the Authentics is dressed up in a unique colourway which is closer to the original checkerboard look. It s here that original branding is added to the mix with some sparse Vans labels and prints within the checkerboard . Orange, purples and greens are used heavily across the new looks, all blended with more classic reds, blues and, or course, black on top of the white base.

For the Slip-On trainers Vans have a more abstract variation on the classic look, minimising the size of the checkers and maximising the creativity with distorted variations and unique patterns.

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